How big is your glass?

Hi! Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be sharing my insights, conundrums and qualms. I’ve been around the HR block a few times so know a thing or two, but there is plenty left to learn so consider yourself invited to witness my evolution as a perpetual student. You may see the occasional “life” post as well, just to keep things fresh of course.
I try to stay positive as much as possible, and believe in approaching things with an open mind. Sometimes that falls through, and I try to be the first to admit that… if you catch me defaulting let me know, please!
Keeping a fresh perspective is important to me, as I am working towards a career focusing on Diversity & Inclusion, Engagement, Wellness, and Training.
One day, I hope to be an expert in all of the above. Until then, I’ll make do with the tools I have at hand… such as blogging!

I’ll end my debut with this thought… When someone asks me if my glass is half full or half empty, I tell them neither! It’s all about fit- try a different glass 🙂