What Do Hiring Managers Want to See in a Cover Letter?

I found this neat post about cover letters and their relevance today. It does a great job of outlining what you should include. The overall point is… RESEARCH!! Get inside the hiring manager’s head and ask yourself, what would they do they need to know about you, and in what context?

MyCareerBrand.net: Blogs and Articles

Are Cover Letters a thing of the past?  If not, then what value do they add?  More importantly, what do Hiring Managers want to see in a cover letter?

To vote on the poll – scroll down.  Or read this article first, and then cast your vote to help candidates know what they need to provide.

For those who don’t see the need for a Cover Letter – their argument may be that the One Page Curriculum Vitae will sufficiently outline relevant experience, skills, and supporting achievements that resonate with the Hiring Manager of the role you are applying for.  And, that this in itself should provide evidence that you have researched the role before hitting the ‘Apply Now’ button.  To some degree I support this argument.  But the fact is – sometimes you will be asked to provide a cover letter.  (Note: In addition to the One Page CV…

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